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Are you happy with your current business performance?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level, but aren’t sure how to get there? Could you benefit from a complete analysis of all areas of your company that you suspect aren’t operating to their full potential?

I have proven experience of identifying a business’ challenges and difficulties, troubleshooting systems and processes to not only create a healthier set of accounts, but also a happier team from Board to entry level.

My approachable, yet professional personality means I can liaise effectively with employees, suppliers, clients and institutions using diplomacy, tact and discretion to work towards a successful resolution.

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About me

After working in the finance industry for over 25 years, I wanted to expand my horizons and focus on a passion; which through my roles as a partner in an accountancy practice and finance manager I had only touched the surface – analysing and troubleshooting all the factors needed to make a successful business.

I like to ensure that the relationship with my clients enables me to be part of their team, and through that, I can be involved with all aspects of the business, not just finance. I can quickly identify areas that I can offer strategic advice on, and help to maximise efficiencies and minimise overheads. The effect this brings to the business, with increased profitability, vision and disciplined systems and employees is both rewarding for the client and myself.

I’m not just a run-of-the-mill business consultant – I will be there from start to finish, not just coming up with a rescue plan, I’ll ensure that the strategies are put into place, and I’ll manage the process until the business is back on an even keel.

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Work with me

Unlike other business consultants, I won’t just focus on the numbers – everything from your vision, culture, staffing, IT, suppliers and systems and processes will all come under the spotlight in order to evaluate what needs to change to take your business forward.

You’ll find me down-to-earth, friendly, yet hands-on and practical, and above all, passionate about what I do. I love a challenge, and if I can see potential in a company, I’ll exhaust all opportunities to ensure I can put you on the right path to help you achieve your goals.

I offer a range of packages to suit your needs, however, if you don’t see anything that encompasses everything that you’re looking for, then please do get in touch, and I can tailor an option to suit.

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An initial evaluation of your company and identification of areas which aren’t performing to their full potential or require review and adjustment.

These areas include roles and personnel, revenue, overheads and cashflow, resources, IT systems, suppliers and marketing and advertising.

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Developing a plan of action

Once all factors have been evaluated, it’s time to put a plan into place. I’ll develop practical strategies for you to implement, which will have a significant effect on your bottom line and help to raise your profile as a growing business.

I can recommend resources from my external team of trusted associates, which include IT Consultants, Designers, Marketing, PR, Insurers, Funders etc. who will support and implement agreed changes.

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Putting the plan into practice

This option sees me taking on a project management role, I’ll put the strategy into place and then manage the execution. From evaluation to implementation, I’ll oversee the complete process, manage internal communications, source funding, and direct external suppliers.

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What my clients say

  • When I and fellow Director, Danielle Ruaux, met Julia at a networking event, we had been building Hypnobambinos for about a year. Even though we were doing quite well we were struggling on creating and keeping to an effective day to day and longer term business strategy.

    We believed that we needed to improve our profitability as well as have a structure to our business and stop running around like headless chickens, the result of which meant that we were getting nowhere fast.

    During the past six months that Julia has been working with us, we have streamlined our office structure, have a 3 & 6month business plan and have clear boundaries on what we have to achieve to take the business forward.

    Julia is passionate, committed, reliable and calm even when we hit a bump in the road.

    Through Julia’s contacts, we have been able to use the right companies to make our business stronger and have developed our offering through social media, marketing and IT.

    We have never been disappointed with the results that Julia has brought.

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    Barbara Seal & Danielle Ruaux,
    Directors of

    Barbara Seal

  • I have worked with Julia for the last 5 years as a financial planner and business consultant.  Julia pays great attention to detail and is amazing at keeping the financial side of my business on track, always available for advice and supports me looking after various financial elements of the business myself.  From a business point of view she has great foresight and has given me some sound ideas for diversifying and driving my business forward.  Julia is a great right hand woman to have, she works very much for and on your business almost as if she works in it!  Julia is a lovely person too!

    Tanya Roxburgh


    Tanya Roxburgh

  • Julia started working with our company 4 years ago, at the peak of the recession with the company going through a major restructuring programme. Julia quickly integrated with the team bringing a wealth of experience that has proven to date invaluable.

    Julia initially focussed on the financial movements of the company, challenging dated procedures and arrangements that were potentially stifling the company’s growth and resources. Julia has not only guided us to a much stronger financial position but is part of a much valued management team, giving ideas, experience and professionalism, with a watchful eye on finances.

    Julia has explored many new business relationships, introducing the company to a new level of professionals who have helped guide the company to a much stronger position. Julia has proven to be steadfast in her commitment to our company and offering me, personally as the MD, the highest level of support and loyalty. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any other business.

    Steve Cooper
    Managing Director, Hi Tec Spray Ltd

  • Julia’s help, guidance and support has been invaluable whilst setting-up my new business. She is very well connected in the local business community and has been able to introduce me to other excellent professional to enable me to develop and grow my business.

    Julia is an excellent business mentor and always has lots of new ideas on how to further develop my practice. She is loyal, hardworking and flexible and is willing to go the “extra mile” and “think outside of the box” to find ways around challenges; a truly great person to have on-side.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Julia, she has so much to offer. I feel she would be a huge asset to any business; new or established.

    Debra C

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